Pwned.Com Responds to Pwnage Trademark Filing

Oh the Pwnage drama just won't stop.

Last weekend we reported that Futuremark Games had filed a trademark for Pwnage, later that week Jukka Mäkinen, Executive Producer, Futuremark Games Studio, responded claiming that they only filed the trademark because they wanted to "protect ourselves from squatters".

MTV, quick to poke fun, tracked down one of the folks who work at Pwned.Com to see what they think about the whole legal silliness.

" is a site for gamers pure and simple. We never felt the need to trademark the word we never created. We do this for fun. We are looking into our options because of this".

Yes, that's right, we need someone to trademark Pwned too.

'' Weighs In On 'Pwnage' Trademark Attempt [MTV Multiplayer]


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