Rainbow Six Vegas 2 On PS3 Is Buggy Pooh Pooh

Yeah, broken. Shame. Seems anyone who owns the PS3 version of the game and wants to play online is shit outta luck, with widespread reports flooding into our poor, beleaguered tips box all weekend of problems associated with the game's multiplayer. Chief amongst these is just finding someone to play against, with most users complaining of an inability to connect to servers for a game, though those who can connect aren't out of the woods, with a number of glitches and bugs during online play reported. All in all a big fat mess, really. Ubisoft are aware of the problems, and are asking anyone affected to hit up the game's forums and complain officially and in detail, as "this information will be invaluable in working out and addressing the issues you are experiencing".
Issues [Rainbow Six Boards]


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