Raise Your Own Bimbo

The latest game incurring parents' wrath? Miss Bimbo! The online sim has players take their own bimbo clubbing and shopping so that she becomes the "hottest, coolest, most famous bimbo in the world." And if that's not enough, the game apparently tells players to "stop at nothing" and use even "meds or plastic surgery" in their race to become the Queen of Bimbodom. The game is free at first, but eventually dips into PayPal accounts if you want to make any progress. So? What's the guff? Says Bill Hibberd of parents' rights group Parentkind:

It is one thing if a child recognises it as a silly and stupid game. But the danger is that a nine-year-old fails to appreciate the irony and sees the bimbo as a cool role model. Then the game becomes a hazard and a menace. Children's innocence should be protected as far as possible. It depends on the background and mindset of the child but the danger is that after playing the game some will then aspire to have breast operations and take diet pills.

Because hey, little girls don't get enough of that imagery in fashion magazines, movies and TV shows. The last place they need it is in some computer game!
Miss Bimbo Game Attacked [The Guardian via Guardian Games]


    hey how r u?

    hip bimbos carnt wait to raise my own bimbo in bimbo city thanx peace out xoxo

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