Ready at Dawn Boss Hates Gimmicks, Lurves PS3

Ready at Dawn doesn't pussyfoot around. So ask Ready at Dawn honcho Didier Malenfant who he thinks will win this generation, and damn skippy, dude will tell you: "PS3 will win this generation when all is said and done..." He added that Microsoft has made a "dent" and Nintendo is targeting a different market and isn't comparable. (Take that Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360!) So what does Malenfant think about the current state of gaming:

Every generation we get to hear the same BS as to how everything is going to be revolutionised and things that we thought never possible will now take place. And of course, there's a kernel of truth in that and the technology does get better with every new platform, but what I care about is good games, whether they're 'next-gen' or not. So, yeah, some of those things will happen and some of them might be cool or some might suck. But none of them make a game. No stupid gimmicks or marketing buzzwords will save a bad game.

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Ready at Dawn Interview [Next Gen][Pic]


    Didier Malenfant,

    Where were you during the Blu-ray, HD-DVD war? Your comments are made at a very conveinient time; after blu-ray has won and PS3 is on the rise.

    Tell us something we don't know.

    Are we all supposed to think you're smart now?

    Where were you 8 months ago when we were fighting the good fight?

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