Real Mario Is Real Creepy

This is what happens when you take the proportions of cartoon/Nintendo Mario's face and apply real-world characteristics to it. It was created using Photoshop and a bunch of features from a bunch of real faces. It is currently creeping the shit out of me.
Super Real Mario World [Pixeloo, via technabob]


    Well it DOES explain why peach will only give him cakes

    Ah ha! ha! Every time a little kid now tells me he wants to be just like Mario when he grows up. Im gona show him this Picture, and make him cry in the process. Hilarious!

    [...] real version of Buzz Lightyear, just in time for Toy Story 3. And to creep me out once again, like Real Mario and Untooned Homer. Christ. Why don’t they stick to folder art? [Thanks David Keyes!] [...]

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