Real Zelda Looking For Real Link, Real Love

You know, I'm just going to let the following craigslist entry speak for itself:

I want a guy who looks like link. from the game. I thought to myself that I might as well be honest. I look like zelda, so why not ask for it? who knows.. I know theres a guy like that. So if you think you look like link, the blonde skater cut, and light eyes look email me. Im a simple chick who loves zelda. I know thats a corney one to ask but heck we might as well be honest as to what we like? am I right? I want a guy like that and a guy who is romantic and believes in chilvary, love, old school ways, and doesnt have a problem with european culture. Thanks a bunch!!! If I like you, and you have a pic, ill email you back. PS I WILL NOT RESPOND to guys without FACE SHOTS. period. Thankyou for understanding. Im not a body chick. more a face and Please only guys 30 and below. And please do not email me rude comments... this world has too many jerks and I delete them and report to the authorities. Its extreme I know But please have respect.

Remember, gents: you MUST INCLUDE FACE SHOTS.
LOOKING FOR LEGEND OF ZELDA LINK>>> IF HES OUT THERE [best of craigslist, via GayGamer]


    Yikes.... i can just think of the kind of 'face shots' some guys are going to send her....

    For the sake of argueiment we assume this is legit...

    see the thing is, she looks like if she took all that crap off, she would look half decent, though (still assuming its legit) anyone looking for link lovin on the intranets is a nuter.

    I think there definitely be a place her on whorecraft, or what ever its called now...

    What Skater cut? Does she mean Twilight princess metrosexual link? Deku nuts! Too bad I look like Toon Link I would have liked for her to steal my creditcard/kidneys.

    ahahahah deku nuts! wow that comment made my insides burst. This Bitch is a quack

    I happened to speak with her a little a while back (we're both Zelda cosplayers), and I thought she was nice. I really wish she hadn't requested all of that about finding her Link in such detail (but I'm mostly just concerned about girls trying to find guys on the internet), but I can't say I found it all amusing. Leave her alone, she's still pretty young. I wish the anonymity of the internet didn't make people so mean.

      Hello C i am from german so please excuse me if i write something wrong or if it is gramatical wrong. i want to ask you something to that girl witch is looking for a men who look like link. I know this articel is two years old but maybe you remeber to that. i don't know where she is come from but i would be happy if i can talk to her maybe you can help me please. I can understand if she will not talk to me because she don't know me but hope dies at last
      thank you if you help if you don't can i am sry for wasting your time bye

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