Research: PS3 To Drive Blu-ray Market, Sell 13 Million Consoles By End Of '08

New research from analysts at Strategy Analytics says that the Blu-ray equipped PlayStation 3 will drive adoption of the format into 2009, with 29 million homes expected to have at least one player by the end of the year, 13 million of those from console sales. The report goes on to predict that standalone players will lead the charge at some point in 2009, with 132 million homes Blu-ray capable by 2012. That factors in PCs, dedicated players and consoles.

Authors David Mercer and Peter King write that Europe will be the largest market for Blu-ray players—they do love their PlayStations—with the US and Japan placing and showing.

I just got No Country For Old Men on Blu-ray in the mail from Netflix, which is also probably not that interesting unless you're getting Blu-ray royalties. Or you're a stalker.


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