Resident Evil Creator Signs On For Movie Game

Horror game fans have reasons to be moderately excited, as the man dubbed the pioneer of the survival horror game genre, Yoshiki Okamoto, has signed on with Brash Entertainment to create a game based on a popular Hollywood film. Why only moderately excited? There's no word yet on what movie the game will be based on, it won't be released until 2010, and there isn't even any confirmation that it will be another horror game. Okamoto spent 20 years at Capcom, working on titles such as Resident Evil and Street Fighter II, and Game Republic, his studio which will be working on the mysterious game, has most recently published Folklore for PS3. Not really a lot of information to go on yet, but the potential for something fun is present (depending on what "blockbuster title" they choose, of course).

Resident Evil Pioneer Okamoto Partners with Brash on Movie-Based Game [Game Daily Biz]


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