Rock Band Goes Sextuple Platinum Releases New Patch

Gamers have purchased more than six million songs for Rock Band since its November launch, Harmonix reports in a release that also details an upcoming patch for the music game that will include an in-game music store.

"Thank you to the music lovers who have helped Rock Band reach an incredible milestone of over 6 million purchased downloads at such an early stage," stated by Paul DeGooyer, SVP DVD, Gaming and Audio, MTV. "The success of Rock Band downloadable content to date firmly reinforces our vision and its potential as a platform for music discovery. By empowering players with the ability to customise their Rock Band library with a rapidly growing selection of rock artists and songs on a weekly basis and adding great new features such as the in-game music store, we are thrilled to give fans more ways to enhance and enjoy their Rock Band experience."

The free update for the game, set to hit Xbox Live and the Playstation Network this week, will include the music store as well as quite a few tweaks.

Music Store: The store will allow you to preview and purchase new songs from within the game, viewing and previewing songs as well as difficulty ratings for each instrument.

Revised Fan Caps: The number of fans a player can earn in easy, medium and hard settings have been increased to let players progress further in the Band World Tour.

More diverse songs in Band World Tour: Harmonix has fixed a bug that caused the same songs to pop up multiple times in teh same our of Band World Tour play.

Improved phoneme recognition: The detection and scoring for phoneme recognition has been tweaked.

Microphone Latency on PlayStation 3 improved: The microphone latency on the PS3 has been optimized.

Xbox 360 Band Logos are now visible through Xbox LIVE: A problem with parental controls was blocking them, now custom band logos are visible.

Faster loading of downloadable content: Load times have been sped up and DLC is now cached.


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