Rock Band Semi-Deal of the Day. Still no Rock Band? Perhaps Amazon's discount on the Xbox 360 version will get you on board. That's $US 148 with cheap bastard shipping included. Don't sleep! Rock Band Special Edition for Xbox 360 [Amazon]


    Rock Band is not region free, so maybe this semi-deal should only be on the US site.
    Is all.

    Ah, my god. This is only slightly more expensive than a regular DVD game like GTA 4 is here. Forty bucks to make all those peripherals? I'm sold. ...Hmm... Apparently it's region free on PS3 but not 360. (Way to turn people off your products Microsoft.) ...But Amazon apparently don't ship outside the country. ARGH!

    Can we pleeease have Rock Band now EA? Please? Please? Please? ...And at a reasonable price?

    (By the way, PC officially gets another point up on consoles - at least 360.)

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