Rockstar "Horrified" By Xbox 360 Bully: Scholarship Edition Issues

We wrote earlier today of the issues surround the Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition, hoping to get a statement from Rockstar Games on the status of either a fix or a replacement plan for those affected. For those not up to speed, the 360 port is reportedly plagued with freezing issues and audio glitches in addition to a less than solid frame rate. Rockstar issued a statement tonight, saying the staff was "devastated" to learn of the issues surrounding the Bully port, something they say didn't come up in the QA process.

Their full statement follows.

We have just become aware of the issues people are having with Bully Scholarship Edition on Xbox 360. It appears that some older 360s are experiencing framerate issues, freezes and other problems. You have our word that we never experienced any of this in QA - in any of our offices or at Microsoft. I am horrified, and we are now working around the clock to rectify this situation. Thanks to Neo-Gaf for bringing this matter to our attention. We love our games and put a huge amount of energy and care into making them all that they can be. We would never shove anything out the door - we never have and never will. We apologise to everyone affected for the inconvenience. Respectfully, Sam Houser

We'll let you know of any future developments on the Xbox 360 edition of Bully: Scholarship Edition and hope that Rockstar Games and Microsoft will do their best to address fan concerns swiftly.


    Good old Rockstar to save the day! I'm sure they will get a patch out or something or at least a replacement plan

    That's cool. Maybe you can send these games to Rockstar and they'll mail you a working used copy in about a month only to find out that it will have the same exact issues as the first copy. Then after the 3rd copy, you just give up and wait for a PS3 port to come out.

    Yeah maybe you could play it on a real console *shrugs* ;)

    It's interesting how they mention older 360's having problems. I have a new HDMI 360 which I bought recently to replace my constantly breaking launch console.

    Yesterday I picked up Bully and within the first couple of hours had to reset my 360 twice, both times in the middle of missions where I have completed objectives but wasn't able to save. Very frustrating, hopefully a patch comes sooner than later.

    That's really weird that they would say "older" xboxs. What would the difference be anyway in terms of how a game is read in the tray? I just recently bought a 360,due to the death of the previous one, but I'm experiencing the exact same issues.

    The 360 is garbage.

    Rockstar with patch the game up and get it fixed. I'm glad I didn't get this game. I'll just stick with the PS2 version.

    What about all the people not connected to the net.

    Or the people with no HDD (arcade boxs etc)

    Bad move.

    Old 360's....ha, I bought an elite like 2 months ago. I've had the game freeze and completely crash my xbox 3 times now, at about 1 per hour.

    This'll spin your wheels:
    Coles Group Australia have received a recall notice to remove all stock of Bully: Scholarship Edition for 360 AND Wii from shelves and send it back. No reason just "send it back".

    Odd yes? Why Wii as well?

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