ROM CHECK FAIL Is The Opposite Of Fail

ROM CHECK FAIL Is The Opposite Of Fail

Farbs’ excellent ROM CHECK FAIL is a WarioWare-style retro mash up featuring the gameplay, music and graphics from gaming’s best arcade and console classics. The freeware PC game (a wee download) borrows from Defender, The Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Spy Hunter, Qix, Buster Bros. and others to create a quirky, fun race against the clock for high scores. One second Link is stabbing away at asteroids, the next Pac-Man is biting his way through an Arkanoid level.

It may not hold your attention for more than twenty minutes, and may frustrate as Gauntlet ghosts are bearing down on your Space Invaders ship, leaving you helpless, but it’s so worth checking out.

Freeware Game Pick: Rom Check Fail (Farbs) [Indie Games]


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