Rule the World with your Mind!

Twirl SUVs as easily as flicking a fly and never be bullied again. But first you'll need to hone your mad brainwave skillz via Emotiv System's EPOC neuroheadset. As previously covered by Crecente, Emotiv Systems has been developing a hands-free brain controller. And now... they're looking for beta testers!

Be the first in your block to terrorize via brainwaves - impress the ladies - save mankind!

A few things to know in advance:

1) you'll have to be 18 or older
2) beta sessions are on-site at Emotiv offices in San Francisco during March & April, 2008
3) you'll have to supply your head size (I might be old-fashioned but feel that there's some things that should just stay between a man and his barber)

Check it out!

Emotiv EPOCâ„¢ Beta Evaluators Needed


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