Rumblings About Heavenly Sword 2

Yes, we're sure there will be a Heavenly Sword 2. It's already written! Heck, developer Ninja Theory would like to make it into a trilogy. But first, it needs the opinions of regular folks. According to one Kotaku tipster, that's exactly what Ninja Theory is doing. Last night, a focus group was apparently held by these people in Chicago. Writes the tipster:

They initially asked for video game background, then they had a follow-up phone call asking which games I had played or owned, focusing heavily on Heavenly Sword. There were 3 surveys done on Monday, groups of 6 for the first 2, 4 for the last group (my group). Predominantly males, asking about our impressions on Prince of Persia, God of War, Ninja Gaiden and, of course, Heavenly Sword. Some questions were asked about why Heavenly Sword didn't sell so well, what our impressions were on the gameplay, how the cutscenes were done, combat mechanics.

That's sorta interesting. The really interesting part is what was hinted at regarding Heavenly Sword 2. That, after the jump:


    Yes I think Kai should be the weilder of the heavenly sword since she got it at the end of 1 when namiko died (sad) I know I would buy 2 when it "comes" out!! thanks

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