Rumoured PlayStation Store Release List Shows Home, Ratchet: Quest For Booty Due In July

Ratchet: Quest for Booty? Lair: Diabolical Dragons? The Last Guy? A Resistance 2 trailer next month? Those releases are rumoured to be hitting the PlayStation Store this spring and summer, according to the above pic going 'round the internet today. It's all based on a allegedly leaked PlayStation Network release list from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, which lays out the planned PSN releases for the next four months, including a July release date for Home.

As you can see, according to the list, April is a big month. These releases may be bundled together to help promote the PlayStation Store revamp, also rumoured to hit on April 15. So what is all this stuff?

The Lair pack(s) shown in the leaked list may what finally brings analogue stick control to the PlayStation 3 game. When we inquired with Sony about the patch on hand at GDC, we were met with silence.

Ratchet Quest For Booty is most likely either Insomniac's downloadable content for Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction or a PlayStation Network release. Considering the Space Pirate presence in Tools of Destruction, it would certainly makes sense as DLC. When we asked Insomniac about their plans for PSN game, they simply (and wryly) responded "We're very busy."

The Last Guy, we know almost nothing about, other than that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan filed for the that trademark last year.

Take this all as rumour for now, but keep an eye on the PlayStation Store updates to see if this pans out to be true.

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    resistance 2 trailr in april!!!! nice

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