Saints Row 2 Defiant In The Face GTA IV

The first Saints Row did OK! Then again, it came out during a GTA drought, so had the market all to itself. This year, though...well, Saints Row 2 is going to have a tough time of it going up against the shiny new GTAIV. Are they worried it won't be competitive in the face of Rockstar's juggernaut? No. No they are not. A rep for developers Volition:

We wouldn't be releasing this year if we didn't think we could be competitive...The only thing I know about GTA is what I've read. From what I've read it seems like they're going in a more realistic direction. For us it's more about almost a hyper-realistic quality, over-the-top, all about these memorable moments.

You've got to admire their courage, at any rate.
Saints Row 2: 'We will compete with GTA' [CVG]


    i loved the first game, and i'll definitely be getting #2

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