SCEA Confirms PlayStation Store Revamp, Hints At Imports

The PlayStation Store is going to undergo a fairly substantial revamp over the next two months, a fact confirmed by John Hight, SCEA's director of product development, in a newly published Gamasutra interview. Hight is low on details about what we can expect, but does have a few interesting things to say about what's in the works for the PlayStation Store.

He tells Gamasutra that he's "pretty darn sure" a few original PlayStation titles that were previously only released in Japan will make their way to a worldwide audience, courtesy of the Store. Vib Ribbon, anyone? In addition, Hight also teases a few more original, downloadable PSP titles are in the concept stages. Hopefully, he doesn't just mean portable versions of PlayStation 3 titles, a la flOw and Echochrome. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

The State of PlayStation Network: John Hight Interviewed [Gamasutra]


    Actually Vib Ribbon was released Australia too.

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