Second Life and ESL Instruction

A while back, we mentioned a journal article on using MMOs to aid second language acquisition. Now Forbes has a piece discussing the same issue, only with Second Life. The author spoke with several teachers about their approaches to using SL to educate:

Another popular way to teach English in "Second Life," says Boahn, involves role-playing and quests. "I once dressed up as a pirate, had a ship and everything. I was kind of rough on the students," he admits. "I put some of them in cages, and had them confront language in a shock-and-awe kind of way. They seemed to like it, and they learned all sorts of new words, like 'loot' and 'booty'."

Boahn's approach may appear nontraditional, but he feels a new medium calls for a new way of teaching language. Even using the game's English interface gives students a chance to practice what they've learned. "We like to encourage teachers to see 'Second Life' itself as a classroom," he says.

Well, certainly sounds slightly more engaging than my go 'rounds with intensive language instruction, even if it is only Second Life. The whole 'implement technology in the classroom' push is frequently lost on me, but I can certainly see the utility of using virtual worlds or MMOs in some applications.

How To Spark Remote Learning [Forbes via Worlds In Motion]


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