Second PS3 SingStar On The Way?

Guess the SingStore's not as big a hit as Sony were hoping. That or they're just accommodating PS3 owners without an internet connection, because a listing's turned up on Aussie retail systems for "SingStar Vol. 2", which is apparently due in June. SCE Australia couldn't confirm the title's existence, though a rep did tell us that it's "feasible" SCEE's London Studio are working on expanding the franchise via another disc-based update. If this does turn out to be the case, here's hoping there's some new content on there, and it's not just a rehash of the PS2 versions. Or... if it is a rehash, that they at least throw Broken Wings in there.


    This is a joke, cant understand why, knowing that sony has is a big, i mean big music comapny in the U.S but there not giving much music to download for the singstarfor the ps3 and now there wann get a new singstar. just feel sorry for the people who buys it coz its same as the ps2 singstar just the video is in HD. there better get new HD video if there wann win with apple.

    I have no idea what that last guy said (is that engrish? Learn to speak the language ya fuckwit), but anyway...

    Does this mean more swapping of CD's or can we install the songs?

    Anyone happen to think this could be a version with wireless microphones?

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