See Spore Running On The iPhone

Fresh from Apple's SDK presentation last week, here's footage of Spore running, in real-time, on the iPhone. Appropriate use of accelerometer, restrained employment of touch-screen technology, nice graphics...yes, yes, this all appears to be in order.


    Disclaimer: I'm one of the NaviSPORE developers :-)

    If you have a buck to spend and have an iPhone/iPod Touch, Apple has just approved NaviSPORE (, the only iPhone app that lets you see your Creations in 3D. As described in the link, NaviSPORE is community-driven: if you want to see your Creation, send the COLLADA file and associated textures as a zip file to us via [email protected] (using the Spore COLLADA cheat). Give it a name, one that hasn't already been taken in our model bank.

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