Sega & Obsidian Bringing You A Bond-ish RPG

The name, it could do with some work, but the premise, well, it's downright intriguing. Developers Obsidian, who brought us KOTOR II, are at work on Alpha Protocol, a game they're describing as an action-RPG and which will be appearing on the tried and tested triumvirate of PS3, 360 and PC. You play the role of a James Bond-type character, who plays his way through an RPG (it's got skill classes, etc) flush with Mass Effect-style combat sequences. It's also got Mass Effect-style dialogue (though you can only ever speak to an NPC once), with the added bonus of James Bond-style romancing, with alluring, deadly ladies across the globe ready and available for conquest. Excited? Don't be, you've got to wait until at least Spring 2009.
[via Game Informer Magazine]


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