Sega Asks, "Do You Still Own A Dreamcast?"

Sega of Japan has been sighted nosing around our Dreamcasts, asking all sorts of questions. Questions like, "Do you still own a Dreamcast?" and "What's its serial number?" They've just updated their website with the first question, and clicking on it takes you to a page where you can use your console's serial number to register for a account. After snagging my trusty console from my entertainment center and plugging in the serial and some other pertinent info, I got a simple email confirmation thanking me for registering. What happens next? No clue, but they're planning something.First they update their Dreamcast trademark to include new terms back in August, and now this. With the tenth anniversary of the console coming up in August, one can't help but wonder what the hell is going on. Re-releasing old games perhaps? Offering really, really extended warranties? All I know is this thing they're doing now needs a massive response, to both show our love for the noisy little console and show Sega that we're ready for whatever Dreamcast lovin' they're willing to toss our way.

UPDATE - I just got my account approved, and now have a relatively useless (myserialnumber) Gmail account! Hooray!

SEGA of Japan to update for 2008! [Sega of America Forums via Sega Nerds - Thanks Sonic_Freak!]


    Service seems to be down at the moment. I got a message saying the service temporarily unavailable.

    Some claim to have seen a message saying that it was suspended because of the amount of requests.


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