Sega Didn't Ask About Your Dreamcast, Some Dirty Rotten Scoundrel Did

We really hope you didn't bite when "Sega" asked if you still owned a Dreamcast, promising you a snazzy e-mail address in return. It might not have been worth it, as the Mainichi Shimbun is reporting that Sega has called the web site nothing but a "bogus" domain squatter, saying that whomever is currently using the site is using Sega's trademarks and logos without permission. At best, its just a fan site collecting Dreamcast serial numbers for an exhaustive database, but at worst it may be a phishing scam built on the foundation of nostalgia for September 9, 1999.

While you may already be on the receiving end of some fresh spam, I'd definitely recommend a quick password change to whatever e-mail address you used if you submitted your info.

Sega Calls Attention to Dreamcast Imposter Site [Yahoo Japan]


    And here I was considering buying yet another (they seem to come and go with me) Dreamcast in the hopes of registering my serial, and getting something snazzy...

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