Sega Dreamcast - NIB!

Wow. You certainly don't run across these every day. Goodwill Industries is auctioning off a NIB Sega Dreamcast. The system comes with the system CDs and an extra controller. No games are included but those aren't too tough to find - even Amazon has a wide variety from third-parties.

My Dreamcast is still running beautifully and Soul Calibur still looks great on it so I can attest to the longevity of the system. I am curious however to know the story behind how this wound up at Goodwill in the first place. I hope that some college student doesn't go home at Spring Break to find that his collection of vintage gaming systems has been cleared out to make room for Christmas decorations by Mom.

Gamertell [Thanks to Jenni for the tip]


    What does NIB stand for?

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