Sega Researches Japanese Bathing Habits

According to the latest Sega research (bwah?), 41.2 percent of Japanese have at least once in their lives taken their cell phones into the bath to make phone calls, send text messages, listen to music or play cell phone games. Which was most popular? Send e-mails, followed closely by listen to music. According to Sega, teenagers are most likely to bathe and phone. Thanks you for these insights! Now, we shall spend the rest of the day wondering what exactly Sega is up to.
Nearly Half [AFP via Fucked Gaijin][Pic]


    While living in a university dorm with a high population of Asian students, I've noticed they also play video games and talk on the phone while using the bathroom (sitting down). I've even heard two Asian students playing a game together via a cable between stalls and some kind of hand-held device.

    I guess if they're not embarrassed, but I cringe at the thought of the hygienic state of those hand-held gaming devices.

    Quite disgusting. Although, I've noticed most Asian students that I've lived with do not both to wash their hands, or if they do it is only a quick rinse with cold water. I guess hygiene is not a high priority for them.

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