Sega Superstars Tennis Gets Chu Chu Rockety

Sega Superstars Tennis gives us the most conflicted early feelings of any game we know of in development. On the one hand, it's Sega. On the other, Sumo Digital is actually doing the work. On the original hand, it's going to prominently feature Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog. On that other hand again, it has Ulala and Gum and Beat. But back on the negative hand, this is certainly not how we expected to hear from Space Channel 5 and Jet Set Radio's main players. Returning to the positive hand, we are pleasantly surprised to see how well Chu Chu Rocket mini-gameplay seems to be integrated.

My brain is about to be ripped in half as I struggle to come to terms with Sega's answer to Mario Tennis. Do we hate it to death or smother it into oblivion? Someone! Do the thinking for us!


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