SEGA's First iPhone SDK Title - Super Monkey Ball

As Apple's software development kit (SDK) presentation continues, SEGA reveals what they've had up their sleeve—Super Monkey Ball. Boasting an excellent framerate, the developers claim:

This is not a cellphone game. This is a full console game. And we underestimated the power of the device. We had to fly in a developer to upscale the art for the iPhone.

Bonus shot after the jump.

iphonesdka293.jpgHot. Once again, no confirmation as to whether or not this game is actually going on sale.

UPDATE: It looks like this is planned for commercial distribution as well, given that Sega of America president Simon Jeffery explained, "The iPhone OS is a robust development platform that will allow Sega to deliver mobile gaming experiences that are truly compelling. Using the iPhone's accelerometer to power a tilt control feature adds a whole new dimension to Super Monkey Ball, and we can't wait for gamers to try it."

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