Sega's Incredible Hulk Doesn't Mess With A Good Thing

With my Iron Man excitement gland working overtime lately, I've not paid much attention to Sega's other upcoming Marvel movie video game, The Incredible Hulk. Remember how awesome Radical Entertainment's The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was? Well apparently developer Edge of Reality does as well, as Sega's Incredible Hulk features the same sort of open-world gameplay with film-centric events wrapped around a symphony of destruction on a scale only the Hulk could conduct. You can use cars and such as weapons, participate in mini-games, and build up your rage to learn more powerful moves. Just ignore the movie connection and consider this a very pretty Ultimate Destruction 2.

Sega's The Incredible HulkSega's The Incredible HulkSega's The Incredible Hulk


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