Sid Meier - Gaming's Three Greatest Innovations

The gaming industry is based on innovation, with each successive generation absorbing new, innovative ideas, making them a part of what gaming is today. At a special lunch last Friday at the Algonquin Hotel in New York, industry legend Sid Meier revealed what he thought to be the three greatest innovations in gaming history. His picks? First off, the IBM personal computer, which brought computing and as a result computer gaming to the masses. Next he citied video games that focus on creating rather than destroying, humbly offering Will Wright's Sim City as an example in lieu of his own Civilization. Finally, Nintendo's Seal of Quality...which might not mean much today, but back in the day was a sign that the industry wasn't going to allow the flood of crap that systems like the Atari 2600 were subject to, changing the face of console gaming forever and effectively revitalising a briefly dead market. Profound choices from a profound voice in the business. How do your picks stack up?

The Three Most Important Moments In Gaming, And Other Lessons From Sid Meier [MTV News]


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