Sin City Game Promises To Be True To Graphic Novel

Young game maker Red Mile Entertainment could have based the upcoming Sin City game on the star-packed movies. Instead, they opted to remain true to Frank Miller's original seven Sin City graphic novels, securing the rights to the books instead of the films. It probably helps that the rights to the graphic novels were cheaper, too. Glenn Wong, the now-former COO of Red Mile, says that the choice to use the books instead of the movies was to avoid the already filtered experience of the movies and instead return to the source material.

We decided that the 'Sin City' graphic novels, with their dark images and nonlinear stories, would work better as the basis for an interactive game. We don't have to track the linear movie screenplay and try to translate it into a game; we prefer to create an original story based on the characters from the books which, we think, will make for a longer, deeper video game experience.

The Sin City game is scheduled for release Christmas 2009.

Sin City Video Game Goes Straight to the Source [GameDaily Biz]


    Whoohoo! I've been waiting for a new game in this series for a long time. They have all been heaps of fun and I look forward to what they bring to the series with todays technology. I just hope it's as good-... wait, what? Oh *SIN* City. Damn, I was looking forward to a city building game with dark images and a non linear story...

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