SOE Boss Says, No, PC Gaming Is Not Dead

PC gaming's dead! PC gaming's dead! The town crier runs down the street screaming that, ringing his fucking bell, on an almost daily basis these days, and while most townsfolk just nod their heads sombrely in agreement, one man's having none of it. That man? Sonly Online Entertainment boss John Smedley:

It's ridiculous and foolish to say that PC gaming [is in decline] . I've seen some of the dumbest quotes out there about the business [falling apart] . It's just not true. The simple truth is the online business is picking up in a huge way. If you're able to add in - and NPD is beginning to track this stuff - the digital sales and regular sales and subscription money and all that stuff, the PC gaming industry is at its strongest point in its history period.

So what he tells us is true...from...a certain point of view. Though I'd like to see the numbers that have it at its "strongest point in its history" if you took WoW out of the equation.
SOE Boss: It's 'Ridiculous and Foolish' to Say PC Gaming is in Decline [GameDaily]


    Though I'd like to see the numbers that have it at its "strongest point in its history" if you took any strong selling games out of the equation.

    cause wow isn't a pc game? crappy games aren't selling boxes at retail stores, boo hoo goes the lazy/untalented developers. PC gamers have discovered the internet now, we want our games to be distributed and played online (cheers valve). I guess the numbers men don't believe virtual sales equal real money so we get the doom and gloom stories.

    So it's at a bit of a weak point, big deal. Crysis. World of Warcraft. Starcraft 2 (well all know it's going to be huge and it's going to be awesome).

    Non exclusives still made primarily for pc:
    Call of Duty 4
    The Orange Box (all its components)

    I could go on... It's far from dead, and I have no idea why you, Kotaku, are saying it is. Microsoft? I could see why... but Kotaku? Way to kill your own news...

    i don't understand why you would discount WoW.

    1> it's a game. for pc.
    2> people buy it & play it.

    is this not enough? the fact that it's an extreme revenue generating phenomonen shouldn't disqualify it. considering the way console games are heading (and reading comments sections) it seems everybody wants their games to be like WoW anyway. (cod4 mmorpg frenzy anyone?)

    anyways i don't play WoW but i do play quite a few PC games, and I wish i had more at the moment. the laptop is proving to be quite a good travelling game device these days. not as pocketerrific as the DS but those bioware games really pass the long train rides.

    actually speaking of, less xbox exclusives please bioware they're making your games stoopid.

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