Sony More Attractive Stock Than Nintendo (Says Some Poll)

Okay! Before we start, this data is from a poll. Meaning? It's the opinion of some people, and not everyone. So, don't read anymore into this than necessary. In late February and early March, research group DIMSDRIVE polled over 7,000 Japanese folks via a private internet-based questionnaire about what stocks one would buy if one had cash to invest. The top most popular five?

That, after the jump.

Q). If you had the money, which stocks might you buy? (Free answer, sample size=7,345)

1. Toyota 398 votes
2. Sony 227
3. Nintendo 220
4. Oriental Land (Disneyland operator) 129
5. All Nippon Airlnes (ANA) 76

Here's the interesting bit: While Nintendo ranked third for both men and women, Sony came in second for men. Second for women was Oriental Land, operator of Disneyland.

Investment Poll [DIMSDRIVE via Most Attractive Investments Poll>What Japan Thinks][Pic]


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