Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick

To: Ash & Luke
From: Maggie
Subject: Like dogs, they can smell fear

So part of the "fun" part of being a grad student is that we wear two hats. We're still students (with all the paper writing fun that implies), but we also have to muddle our way to teaching competence. I found out yesterday that I'll be making my kinda-sorta teaching debut this spring, being left in charge of a class twice during the quarter. Up until this point, I've just wielded the red grading pen of doom, no lecturing or question answering required. I always imagine undergrads to be much like the Kotaku comments section: they can smell fear and will pounce at the first sign of weakness. I've managed to stick around Kotaku for a year (more or less), so surely showing films and leading the discussion of 60 enthusiastic undergrads won't make me tuck tail and run.

We had a lot of chefs in the Kotaku kitchen this weekend, so here's what you might have missed:

It being Easter and all, we offer up some of the best video game Easter eggs;
An impostor Crecente reviews SSBB;
Ian Bogost thinks Bash and Crecente = Hall & Oates;
What classic literary works would you like to see in game form?

I'm finally on spring break, but my mum is here visiting, so I'll be busy all week seeing a bunch of San Diego I haven't seen yet. Hope y'all have a good week & thanks for helping out this weekend!


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