Spring Cleaning Contest

Spring cleaning! That's right, I'm cleaning out my office. That means one thing: Finding stuff to give away to one of you. Above, there's a couple Gearbox t-shirts, a PixelJunk one, a Bionic Commando one that producer Ben Judd actually refused to autograph. What else? There's pack of The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact II playing cards and a SNK 300 piece jigsaw puzzle. All of these can be yours! I plan on starting a contest next week. Not sure what kind I'm going to do yet. But yeah, this is the prize.

Oh, and one of those shirts, I'm pretty sure I've worn. Not sure which one. So whoever wins this loot, think of it as Russian roulette!


    Ya! Go team! Go! I'll be keeping an eye out for this swag.

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