Square Enix's WiiWare Microtransactions Let You Buy More Races, Outfits, Joy

Microtransactions Wii-style have already gone live, now that WiiWare has launched in Japan. While we knew that puzzler Mojipittan was going to feature pay-to-play DLC in the form of extra puzzles, the add-ons for Square Enix's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King were a bit mysterious. Fortunately, Siliconera knows the score, writing today that downloadable races, costumes and dungeons will be available for 100 to 300 Wii Points each. Can't wait to see what the full tally will be to download the fully featured game, given that the base version starts at 1500 Wii Points. That's going to be some entertaining math!

Extra content in My Life as a King explained [Siliconera]


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