Starcraft 2 Is Blizzard's "Best Game Ever"

Lost Vikings? Great. Warcraft? Wonderful. Diablo? Fantastic. But Starcraft 2, well, it might just be better than the lot of them. Or at least that's what Blizzard is saying, hoping we'll be swept up by the pre-release hype and play along. Totally unnecessary, since we were going to do that anyways, but whatever. Blizzard's Chris Metzen:

I think we're all doing the best work of our careers... It's been very, very rewarding to see this thing take shape. Just getting back to that Blizzard of yesteryear where it's not all about WoW - don't get me wrong, I love WOW! But we're so much more than that.

After all these years, Chris, it's lovely to hear someone from within Blizzard say that.
StarCraft II is Blizzard's "best work ever" [Blizzcast, via Eurogamer]


    Concurrence. u cant judge sc2. u can speculate but, hu the hel r u 2 give "negative points"?
    it sounds like ur saying no game can hav a sequel, which is so bs im just going to assume u hav trouble articulating a less idiotic thought.

    Multiplayer games r about finding the next evolution of chess. Brood War was a very big step in the right direction, it had a few problems, like pathing, but its a classic none the less.
    If they just fixed the pathing and cleaned up the map n stuf for better unit control and then sold it to the nextgen kids it will still be good.
    SC:BW IS the current standard or the RTS style of chess (all genres can have ther own type of chess, imo)

    btw a sc game is not over in 30s, that's just dumb, don't talk like that. this idea u have about the "modern" RTS is retarded, as a game noobs play for "entertainment", "modern" games r fine. but sc:bw is the game to play for real gamers who play games for gameplay. the 'old' games style has worked and it continues to work.. Where players, are punished for ther mistakes, andas the game goes on the players receive more stress.. like counter strike, and quake.
    the scenes of those games live for rly long times, just as sc does. blizzard is trying to fix what was able to be fixed from sc:bw and then mixed sum units up, and added new ones to make it more complex.. it sounds to me that blizzard isn't making Starcraft 1.5 but they r not changing the style they had in the original, and going with sum stupid model like SupCom, thus making Starcraft 3000.
    they are making Starcraft 2 which is right where they want to be.

    although i am discouraged knowing that the WoW kids r involved in any way other than the sc2 dev team's entertainment.

    You WoW kids imo, should either fuk off and die, or stfu and play ur stupid game while u give blizzard 5 million a week so they can put all ther effort into sc2... always remember kids all u r good for is lulz and ridiculous profit.
    WoWkin are NOT actually gamers, u are the lowest form of life, designed to feed and sustain the superior lifeforms as they grow and evolve.

    finally, thers the gaming comunity.. and then thers the wow community.. nuf sed.

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