Staying Out of The Porn Game Ghetto

PC game The Witcher is kinda saucy! It's not a sex game, but a monster-slashing game — a monster-slashing game that allows players to have sex with hookers. Hello in-game nudity! According to Michal Kicinski, CEO of The Witcher developer CD Projekt:

In Europe we are quite used to see many forms of sexual expression in fine art, books, films and even on television. The games are not seen much differently then. In order to see sexual references or various forms of sexual acts (although softer ones) we never had to cross over into pay-per-view TV or head off to the seedy part of town.

If we stay within the limits of good taste, without being explicit, we had always known that whatever we showed in The Witcher would be acceptable for our target, mature audience without banning us to some kind of 'porn' games ghetto... We just want to let mature gamers — the audience we created the game for - play the game they want to play. At 18 years of age, you can walk into a store in the US and buy movies, magazines, etc. that have much more objectionable content than what you can see in The Witcher.

If The Witcher ended up on consoles, it'd either get the ESRB's "Adults Only" rating or have to be significantly toned down. The AO rating would mean that the game wouldn't be approved by console makers, and major retailers like Wal-Mart wouldn't carry it. There's obviously a double standard at work here — with movies getting greater freedom than games. Not exactly fair, is it?
Porn Game Ghetto [MTV]


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