Stores Pay More for Old PLAYSTATION 3s

According to Japanese game blog My Game News Flash, a year ago, 20GB PS3s were being bought back at ¥15,000 ($US 145) for 20GB and ¥20,000 ($194) for 60GB. But now that Sony has dropped backwards compatibility from the new consoles, those BC launch day machines are starting to look more attractive. And valuable! Some stores are buying back used consoles the 20GB for ¥40,100 ($US 388) and the 60GB for ¥46,000 ($US 446). Of course, that means stores will turn around and sell these machines for more! Ah, too bad folks didn't realize a good deal last year. Guess everyone was too busy hating on the PS3!
Used PS3s Going for High Prices [My Game News Flash via Hobby Blog]


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