Street Fighter Movie Finds Its M. Bison

Back in February, we brought word of the Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li movie cast. It went something like this: Michael Clarke Duncan ("Balrog"), Chris Klein ("Charlie Nash"), Rick Yune (Chun-Li's trainer) and Kristin Kreuk ("Chun Li"). While we also knew that the Black Eyed Peas' Taboo would be joining the cast, we didn't know which role he'd be taking. Today, Capcom announced that Taboo will be "Vega", and Neal McDonough (pictured) will play "M. Bison". The movie will be out in 2009.
Cast Confirmed [][Pic]


    nobody should act in street fight movie its ridiculous. just let the actors do the voices of the characters (as in animation)

    Kristin Kreug is not Asian is canadian. She is half chinese descent, but does not look all that chinese!

    Neal McDonough is not thai. He is a bolnde haired american!

    Taboo is not a Spaniard. He is a Mexican and looks far more native american than spaniard!

    None of then have demonstrated none martial arts skill in their previous movies (taboos only earlier experience in movies was a small part in Dirty).

    That can show how the producers really "respected" the etnical/national background and other fisical atributes of the characters and forecast the "succes" wich this movie is headed to fate...JCVD may even be an oscar worth movie in comparison to this new one... i was a SF fan as a child and thing they could have came up with something much betther than that movie.

    I know my cast wouldnt be the best one but it sure would be betther than the actual one:

    M. Bison - The Rock

    Vega - Javier Barden

    Shun li - Lucy Liu

    Balrog - Michael Clarck Duncan

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