Sub-Con Warrior 2.0: When Gaming Meets Theatre

zenzenzo_1.jpgWho said gaming and theatre were a bad mix?

To be honest, I’d don’t think anyone has, but if they did, you could throw this in their face like a pie – a tasty, rebuttal pie – and scream tirades about how they know nothing of modern stage or how to dress.

The Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre is putting on a gaming-themed performance that sounds like something from a Dungeon & Dragons: Spelljammer campaign module. Or I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream tossed in with Street Fighter.

How about we just take a look at the description from the website:

Using Zen Zen Zo’s hallmark physical and visceral style, the performance invites the audience into a virtual world where a mysterious person known only as the Game Master provides entertainment and challenges to overcome. Guided by the Warriors Lieutenant A. Hunter (Heavy Weapons/Tactics) and Mantra (Zen Philosophy/Wicked Kung Fu) the audience must explore a maze of game environments and corporate intrigue.

Hey, it could be a brilliant piece of theatre. Then again, it might turn out to be Australia’s most publicised LARP session. If you’re interested, visit the website. Note that it runs from April 17 to May 3 and is based in Brisbane.

Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre – Sub-Con Warrior 2.0 [Official site, thanks Nathan]


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