Taito Brings Space Invaders To Wii, Lets *You* Be The Invader

Japanese publisher Taito is going all out for the Space Invaders thirtieth anniversary. In addition to the rock solid Space Invaders Extreme for Nintendo DS and PSP (which I quite liked) and a suit of new Invader-branded products, Taito has announced it's dragging out the property for another go on the Wii. In Space Invaders Get Even, you're in control of up to 300 of the pixelated aliens, raining death and destruction upon the humans. Take that humans!

It's sounding like a fun Space Invader-y mash up of Pikmin and Rampage, something we could definitely get behind. No word yet on whether Space Invaders Get Even is a full-fledged disc release or a WiiWare title, but we hope they clear it up soon.

Taito Announces Space Invaders Get Even [Game Watch]


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