Take-Two Pondering BioShock MMO, Movie?

Take-Two didn't just say "no, thanks" to EA this morning. They went out and put a little document together, aimed at showing their shareholders just why they should say no. Most of it's taken up with stuff like GTA sales, but one page is interesting. This one, above. Labelled "potential untapped opportunities", it shows that while 2K are currently under-represented in the MMO, mobile and media markets, they've got the franchises to change that. BioShock, for example, could be turned into an MMO. And a mobile game. And a movie. Civilization, well, it could (presumably) be made into some kind of global, online strategy title. Take-Two shareholders, while you may have cause to doubt Strauss Zelnick's motives during this whole mess, you can not doubt the company's intentions to milk their best franchises to within an inch of their lives.


    I'm all for EA leaving their money grabbing paws off Take 2, but what's their point here? That they can milk every franchise to death WITHOUT EA's help? No offence to Take 2, I'm just not understanding this.

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