Teachers Still Demanding Bully Ban

Haven't we been over this already? A year and a half after the release of the original game, a coalition of teachers' unions in the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, South Korea and the Caribbean are urging retailers to ban Bully: Scholarship Edition from store shelves.

"We're asking retailers to be responsible," Emily Noble, president of the Canadian Teachers' Federation, said yesterday. "Yes, they can sell it and make a buck out of this, but is this the kind of marketing that they want to be [doing] , selling games that glorify violence?"

I'd daresay that's exactly the sort of marketing that video game retailers want to be doing. This reborn ban Bully movement is possibly a result of the huge outbreak of violent bullying that completely failed to occur after the release of the original game, despite prognostication of doom, gloom, and wet-willies.

Teachers demand ban on bullying video game


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