Team Fortress 2 Getting Major Updates In April

According to a report from Shacknews, the PC version of Team Fortress 2 will see a major update in April, including the previously discussed new gameplay type, Payload, will arrive with the new map "Goldrush". In addition, the Medic may be getting his new weapon, the double-barreled "overhealer" gun, the first of the new unlockable weapons.

In even better news that fans of achievements in awesomeness will appreciate, the "Meet The Scout" cinematic is confirmed for an April release. Shacknews says it will arrive on or about the April 20 game update, but we've heard previously that it will arrive some time next week. Given Valve's well known tardiness, we would put our money on it debuting later. But we're keeping hope alive.

New Team Fortress 2 Content Scheduled for Mid-April; Includes Goldrush, New Weapons, Meet The Scout [Shacknews]


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