Teardown’s Space Hulk Torn Down

Teardown’s Space Hulk Torn Down

Back on Tuesday we posted about an excellent free-to-play update to the video game of the board game Space Hulk, crafted loving by a team calling themselves Teardown with “the blessing of both EA and the Games Workshop.” Since then they’ve had nothing but trouble, first with bandwidth issues after gamers flocked to the site to download 327GB worth of data, and then with Games Workshop, who kindly asked them to pull the game from the downloads section. Apparently the whole blessings thing was a bit of a reach. From the latest Teardown news post:

We still haven’t had any contact with Games Workshop. We called them but they told us that someone would get back as soon as they could. Perhaps the fact that they do not chase us around 24 hours a day is a good sign? We’ll soon find out. once more thank you for all conerns and support. Time will tell if it is worth something.

I don’t expect this to end well. Those of you who downloaded the game enjoy it, because I’ve a feeling we won’t be seeing it again.

Website is closed [Teardown – Thanks Mark]


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