Tecmo Bowl Wii-Bound?

When Tecmo announced last year that its classic footballer Tecmo Bowl was returning to unlicensed glory in 2008, it failed to mention just about anything beyond that. No platform, no details, nothing but the sting of nostalgia. However, if the most recent rumours from EGM are to be believed, Tecmo Bowl is coming to the Nintendo DS and Wii, albeit in too very different forms.

The monthly rumour column from Quarterman says that a "classic version" of Tecmo Bowl is coming to the DS, with a "modern remake" Wii-bound. Considering that 1UP's account says that we can expect info in an upcoming issue "very soon" I suspect they know what they're talking about.

Quartermann: Downloadable Ratchet & Clank Sequel Coming [1UP]


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