TED Gets Gamey

TED Gets Gamey

Each year 1,000 of the “world’s most remarkable people” gather in one place for the TED conference to talk Technology, Entertainment and Design. The four-day event includes more than 50 speakers who address the year’s “Big Questions”.

This year the conference was held in Monterey, California to tackle questions like: Who are we? Is beauty truth? and How do we create? Why should you care? Because video game folks make that list of 1,000 too.

Our sister site Valleywag got their hands on the complete attendee list and, of course, published it. Here are the folks (or companies) you might recognise:

Bing Gordon Chief Creative Officer Electronic Arts Woodside USA
Brian Kralyevich Creative Director Microsoft / Zune Kenmore USA
David Perry CEO GameInvestors.com Monarch Beach USA
Don Coyner GM Design and Planning Microsoft Xbox/Zune Redmond USA
Ed Boyd VP Experience Design Dell Inc. Round Rock USA
Hal Halpin President ECA Wilton USA
Louis Castle VP Creative Development Electronic Arts LA Las Vegas USA
Michael Wilson CEO There Inc Laguna Beach USA
Lou Castle, Michael Wilson (There), Morgan Webb.
Morgan Webb Host Comcast Santa Monica USA

That’s an odd selection.

The Complete List of TED Atteendees [Valleywag]

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