The Best Reader Created Bugs On The Internet

Okay! Whew. We've got our finalists. Twelve of them. Usually, we don't like to do more more than seven — ten at the most. But these are too good — damn good, even. So, now it's time to vote. After the jump, write down one (yes, ONE) of the finalists you like best. Don't write down two or three or whatever, just one. Failure to do so will result in your vote counting for zip. Voting ends tonight at midnight EST. Winner gets a copy of Insecticide. Everyone else gets a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Yay!

Finalist #1

Mr. Dandy writes:

I know this isn't technically an insect, although it is an arthropod, and I believe also an isopod. I beg leniency because, after all, it is the original video game bug.

It's 24" long, and has 70 points of articulation, sculpted in poly clay, then cast in colored resin, with painted details. I had always wanted an excuse to sculpt Centipede (specifically, the one from the arcade machine's original sideart). So it was kind of a labor of love, with Kotaku's contest providing the last excuse I needed to make it happen. Thanks!

Finalist #2

KingDavid73 writes:

The first time I saw this contest, this idea popped into my head. I made a basic outline of the project, but never really finished it, so all I have are these lame pictures... but , oh well. SEGA bug ftw?

Finalist #3

Sara writes:

I made this cockroach out of felt, spray paint, and a twist tie.

Finalist #4

Lonny writes:

This is my submission for the insect contest. I know it isn`t a real world insect, but it is my take on the hercules beetle combined with a human.

I made it out of oil-based clay.

Finalist #5

David S. writes:

Attached is a Lego model of a Giraffe Beetle that my wife and I put together for the contest.

I didn't know anything about Giraffe Beetles until I googled "weird insect" and said "Well, we obviously have to try and make THAT out of Lego!". It's one freaky looking bug.

Finalist #6

Adriana writes:

It's a pendant I'm making for my college jewelry class inspired by the Kotaku contest. It's made of 14k gold pierce work on the front and pure silver on the back with a pearl drop. Hopefully it's not too serious for the contest. (T.T)

Finalist #7

Ross writes:

For my Insecticide contest entry I made a bee/hornet bug. I named him Marty Mcfly. He is made from Apoxy Sculpt, clear plastic pieces, hot glue, and acyrlic paint. I also threw in a picture of Marty with another project of mine Dogen. From Psychonauts. Thanks for the fun contest!

Finalist #8

EvilEmpire28 writes:

It was made out of a pink erasure. I carved it using a pocket knife razor, used sand paper to smooth it down, then used some Sharpie markers and pens for the details. I finished it with plastic coated paper clips for legs and antenna for the head.

Finalist #9

Katie writes:

This is my super scary scorpion made entirely out of those twisty ties you get in trash bags. It kinda looks like A Mummy Scorpion.....

Finalist #10

Oscar writes:

Here it is, hope you like it. I made it out of paper clips and coke cans, with the metal part of a twist-tie for the antenna.
By the way, I love the site, and visit it everyday. Keep up the good work!

Finalist #11

Cchrist writes:

Here's my entry for the contest. I made it out of organs, fur, a kitten strap and some butterfly wings!
It even moves on it's own and doesn't even use electricity OR batteries.
The only thing i haven't figured out yet is making it fly...

Finalist #12

Cory writes:

It's the rare Smiling Amazon Box Spider.


    box spider! box spider!

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