The GameStop Super Smash Bros. Brawl Trophy

After reading the news yesterday morning, thousands of gamers across the country made plans to get up early on Saturday and head down to their local GameStop store to enter the gigantic, nationwide Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament for a chance at prizes and glory. Now that they've seen the trophy the local winner receives, courtesy of Kotaku commenter Prguitarman GoNintendo reader Travisto, sleeping late is looking a bit more attractive. What is that, a High School wrestling trophy? Nothing says you kicked arse at a video game than an athletic young man in a tight singlet. You go, you local legend of wreckage!

UPDATE - PRGuitarman failed to tell us that the picture was taken by Travisto and submitted originally to GoNintendo. If you're going to send us a picture from another site, just send us the link. Thanks!

GameStop's Brawl trophy is...well... [GoNintendo]


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