The Gradius III Vic Viper Is A Sexy Space Fighter Option

If you're the type who decided that the Gradius II version of the Vic Viper starfighter should represent but a fraction of your PVC space armada, you may want to hunt down an import retailer for the follow up. The Gradius III version of the Vic Viper doesn't deviate too far from the design path, but comes in a classy off-white and with a sleeker chassis.

This model kit from Atelier Sai is similarly priced to its predecessor at 4500 yen (or $US 42). It ships in May, after the the previously posted Vic hits hobbyist shelves. The backside of the ship is after this.


What else is there to say? Oh yeah. *droooooool*

Gradius III Vic Viper [HobbyStock]


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